About HistoryKeep

HistoryKeep creates legacy books that commemorate the cherished personal stories of individuals and families. We do this by writing from live audio interviews that are designed to elicit memories, lessons learned, family tales, celebrations of life-changing events, statements meant to heal and mend, and philosophies intended for loved ones.

From your words, we make a professionally designed keepsake book that tells the story of YOU.


What do you remember most about family gatherings? About afternoons you spent in the kitchen over a cup of tea with a cherished grandparent? Most people say the stories! The ones you heard often that always revealed something you hadn’t expected. YOU have those stories to tell too, and your loved ones are eager for them. In fact, in time, your children and grandchildren will depend on your stories to understand their own histories.

Don’t waste a moment: TELL those stories. HistoryKeep will work with you to record them and keep them in a beautiful legacy book that can be shared with the next generations.


For each book, HistoryKeep commits a principal writer and experienced designer, assisted by editors and proofreaders as needed, and finished by a printer. HistoryKeep oversees all production, from first audiotape to final publication.


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Marblehead, MA 01945