HistoryKeep works with individuals, families, and small groups to record and commemorate personal and family histories. We conduct live audio interviews (conversational in tone) after some preliminary preparation designed to elicit personal memories, lessons learned, family stories, celebrations of life-changing events (a birth, a marriage, a death), statements meant to heal and mend, expressions of intention, and philosophies that are intended for loved ones.

The personal interview is an opportunity to take stock of one's life, express hopes and fears, record memorable stories and events, or convey love and concern. It becomes the core of a personal legacy. It does not result in a biography or memoir in the traditional sense, because what emerges is often a series of treasured remembrances, rather than a step-by-step chronology.


Our keepsake products - from books to videos -- are meant to be vessels that contain the essence of our clients' lives.

The end product can be very simple, such as an audiotape or a one-page letter, or more elaborate -- a hardbound book devoted to the full record of a life and accompanied by photographs, mementoes, testimonials, honors, and other evidence of accomplishments and standards. It can be an unedited film of an entire on-camera interview; or it can be a polished presentation on DVD. Decisions about length and breadth are made by the client in consultation with HistoryKeep. HistoryKeep contracts with other professionals whose expertise is matched to the needs of the project.

A hard- or soft-cover book
Produced from interview transcripts, organized in consultation with the client/interviewee, with decisions made about length, breadth, photographic content, and number of copies.

An ethical will
A non-binding document appended to a will that is meant to express and transmit intangible wealth. There may be bits of wisdom, experiences, accomplishments, hopes, and ideas that the author wishes to convey to loved ones. This kind of document can also serve to explain the content or intent of the legal will and trust documents.

A DVD (from videotape)
An edited collage of filmed interactions between interviewer and interviewee(s), or a series of statements featuring the interviewee alone. It can also be the record of a family gathering, a reading, a set of stories and memories, or other meaningful activities captured for posterity.

A letter of wishes
Similar to an ethical will, but intended especially for trustees to help guide estate management. While not binding, it is meant to impart to trustees the values, vision, and hopes a benefactor may have for the use of his or her estate.