Francie was just the editor I needed for my first book. She was professional and precise, teaching me more about punctuation and how to use it to create greater clarity for my readers. She was fair and direct in pointing out ways I could sharpen my language to make my message more potent. And at times she simply made suggestions for me to consider, and they always got me thinking, rewriting, and adding new depth to my work. I know my book is better because of Francie’s skill and care.

Susan Maycock, author of After Rain (published autumn 2019)

Francie was my partner in a large personal history project, guiding me from the interview through the developmental and copy-editing stage. She provided invaluable feedback and based on her expertise, made the recommendations which polished and elevated my manuscript. In addition, it was reassuring to have her support throughout the entire process and answer any questions that arose. Simply put, she made me a better author!

Patricia Pihl, Real Life Legacies, author of Jennifer Uhl: A Life to the Fullest

I consider myself a moderately accomplished writer, but all writers need an editor. For my family story, Wilber’s War: An American Family’s Journey through World War II, Francie [made] content and structural suggestions, almost all of which were right on target. My work is so much better in small and large aspects because of her. Most important and amazing to me was her complete lack of ego which made the … author-editor relationship most fruitful and enjoyable.

Hale Bradt, author of Wilbur’s War: An American Family’s Journey Through World War II

Francie's one of those rare individuals who not only pays close attention to detail yet always manages to keep the big picture in mind … and notice ways that picture can be enhanced even more. She commits to excellence in everything she takes on, and she that's what she delivers.

Paula Stahel, Principal, Breath and Shadows; author of Listen Up! The Art of Interviewing for Personal History

Whenever Francie is on a project with me—and there have been many, many of them—I know I can just relax. Her editing is just superb. She is reliable, meets deadlines with ferocity, and is utterly knowledgeable in the world of words. I trust Francie’s judgement; she is the very first person I call for editing. I have now referred her to be the personal historian on a gorgeous high-end project for us. She is interviewer as well as writer on this one, and—from what I have seen of the manuscript already—it will be sublime. Thank you, Francie, for being an integral member of my team!!

Robin Brooks, The Beauty of Books (book design)

Francie is not only a knowledgeable and skilled writer, she has an uncanny ability to draw people out, creating what others might never even notice.

Judith Black, Stories Alive

Francie King is a skilled editor whose professionalism shines through in all her dealings with clients. I needed editorial assistance to push a project through to completion and Francie delivered, on-time, as asked, with great sensitivity and insight. Her questions prompted me to create a better publication and I was indeed able to finish the publication of my book once I received her promptly delivered edits. I am so grateful for her help and look forward to working with Francie again. Francie and I are chapter members of our local Association of Personal Historians. I have found Francie to be a tireless cheerleader, encourager and good friend. She is a dependable sounding board when I've had ideas I needed to pass by someone, willing to be truthful. She's a joy to be around.

Marjorie Turner, personal historian, author of Easy Walks in Massachusetts

The passion for her craft exudes from Francie. The way she brings a story to life is magical. She takes what’s often locked up or unknown on the inside and lets it soar in story. What she is doing is priceless. Capture your family’s history before time will. You’ll cherish your decision. "

Christiana Plum, Beach Plum Interiors

Francie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She was my lead client contact for a Performance Improvement project we were working on for a non-profit organization of which she was the Director of Membership. Francie has boundless energy and enthusiasm to implement sustainable improvement in organizations. She is also a gracious leader who was able to motivate her volunteer team to embrace and participate in the special project. The consummate professional, Francie delivers work on time as promised and is an excellent oral and written communicator. I would certainly have her on my team!

Pamela Haines, Chief Change Agent at Slate Consultants

Francie is an artful writer and thinker whose gifts animate projects in many disciplines. I have had the privilege of collaborating with her as a fellow creative and it was a pure pleasure at all times... even when the pressure was on! Happily, she is a gentle editor who does not dull one's edge while keeping the point(s) honed.

Richard Gonci, freelance executive producer, Museum of Fine Arts new American Wing video virtual tour, 2006